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From the sweetspot of Ballstad, Hattvika Lodge is operating several outdoor activities year round. In combination with the best accomodation, we operate a summer and winter event, #LSTF

The viking festival gather Ski mountaineers, Splitboarders, mountainbikers and locals in a 3 day mountaineering mayhem that will make you exhausted and overdosed on nature’s finest offerings. Laid back atmosphere, combined with endless possibilities to hike & bike straight out of base camp makes this festival something truly unique.


  • #LSTF summer edition, Lofoten Singel Track Festival

  • #LSTF, Lofoten Split og Topptur Fæst


For adittional information:

Hattvika Lodge basecamp
Enjoy your bathroom
Sea safari during #LSTF
Jump into the sun
Northern Lights at Ballstad
Tracs on remote beaches
MTB life in Lofoten
Ride on
Ride on at remote beaches
Bath time
Biking above Ballstad
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