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Locations #LSTF


All tours take place within the limits of our guides set for each tour. We plan the night before and gives a presentation of our best solution for the best explore. Lofoten has countless possibilities for varied skiing. We are looking forward to explore the Lofoten islands with you!

Vestvågøy and in close proximity to the base camp, we find several beautiful mountains. Across Ballstad is Nonstind (540 m) which has several descents in addition to Ballstad Heia who have multiple runs at the front which is very accessible and easy to access (several times if you wish).
Himmeltinden (931 m) is Vestvågøy's highest mountain and offers several descents. Justadtind and Smørdalskammen is also good starting point for wonderful descents ant at our bucket list.
Blåtind in Slydal and Guratind are also mountain on our list.

Flakstad and Moskenes
Stornappstind (740 m) are visited on all previous camps at #LSTF. Stunning views east and west, sea on all sides and varied lines to ride. StorKlauva, the peak aside (594 m) is also possible.

#LSTF 2015 visited the Vågan area and Torskmannen (744 m) is one of the popular targets in eastern Lofoten. A relatively easy accent that offers varied and nice rides. The 400 top level meters are full throttle ride.
In Lofoten there are several peaks named Breidtind (672 m), but this is close to the top the more famous Torskmannen. The descent offers fine continuous driving. Pilans (828 m), located in the same area and offers superb skiing.


This is only a short list of what available for the lucky attendees at #LSTF 2017

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